My experience at Bristol Deaf Festival via Viewtalk

At Bristol Deaf Festival I was not prepared to be interviewed but was approached by Sannah and Sam from Viewtalk to tell them my experience as a performer with Handprint Theatre Company. Excuse the crazy hair!

Video can be viewed here:

BSL video transcript:

Hello, My name is Sami and I am a performer with Handprint Theatre Company. Today I am excited to be at Bristol Deaf Festival because two weeks ago we performed the same show in London as part of the Camden Fringe Festival. Today was a totally different experience, In London we were in an actual theatre where it was dark, we had proper lighting, sound and we were able to set up our costumes. What a contrast it is today! We are in a field, the atmosphere is unique, people are drinking and it’s a completely different audience. It’s great to have a deaf audience, in London there were some deaf audience members but mostly they were hearing so today is different. The audience today like to give feedback, this means that we can look back at our performance and make changes to improve it for the future. I really hope deaf theatre keeps improving and deaf audiences continue to see the work of our theatre company in the future. Thank you.

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