Help Fund Theatre for FREE!

Hello readers

It is not often I make a plea but this one I feel is deserving. I realise that by putting the word “free” in uppercase may lead you to believe I’m sneakily trying to sell you something in disguise but it is simply not the case.

Anyway I shall get to the point and waffle can ensue later.

The wonderful Handprint Theatre Company need your help in securing a bit funding, due to cuts we all know how hard it is to get funding in the creative sector but this is something you can do to make a difference. It is simple and free to do, just click here

The slight catch is you do have to sign up before you can cast your vote, which if you are like me you will be less inclined to do in fear of future email bombardment. Having signed up myself, I can hand on heart say, I have received 2 emails; 1 to confirm my username and password and 2 to confirm (or not) if I wanted to receive their regular newsletter. The newsletter subscription is a choice which can easily be declined at your desire.

And that is it! 🙂

If you’d like to know more about Handprint Theatre please visit their website (contains flash) or I can give you a brief explanation if you’d like?… Go on then.


Handprint Theatre are an accessible and inclusive deaf/hearing theatre company. I first met the founders at university whilst studying Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies, their passion for accessible theatre seems to grow stronger by the minute. In addition to devising and performing unique shows they have an active involvement in the educational sector, running workshops for children. I would have loved to be part of an integrated workshop as a child and if you agree please support the company’s growth by voting.

Enough babble. Deeds Not Words.

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