The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Missing Something British

I hope you have all enjoyed your long Jubilee weekend eating scones, getting rained on and partying in the street.

Everything quintessentially British. Although one uniquely British element was lacking, the visibility and promotion of British Sign Language.

On a positive note, accessible events were held in the Capital. Remark! in conjunction with the British Deaf Association hosted a street party on the corner of Leather Lane/Greville Street, whilst Terptree provided interpreters for the festival in Hyde Park. So fun was to be had by the London Deaf community and those wishing to travel to Lizzy’s home for the weekend.

However, I spent Monday evening, slobbing on my couch, watching the Jubilee Concert and browsing Facebook. It came to my attention that the televised event could have been made not only more accessible but more visually beautiful by including some of the great deaf sign song performers of this Great Britain such as Caroline Parker, Daryl Jackson and Jayne Fletcher.

Since 1992 every American NFL Super Bowl has has an ASL performed National Anthem of “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Whilst this signed song provides access for deaf Americans across the entire United States there is also a sense of American pride that Brits could learn from.

With the wonderfully creative deafie Jenny Sealey co-directing the opening ceremony of the paralympics I’m hoping to see some British Sign Language displayed with pride.

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mel on June 11, 2012 at 10:27 am

    As always love your blog, I think about it – you write about it. really thought a song signer should have been up there on the boat (but with an umbrella) x


  2. Ironically since the concert I’ve seen some nice videos posted up on you tube mainly by schools of the Andrew Lloyd Webber / Gary Barlow / Commonwealth Band ‘Sing’ being sung and signed in BSL. That’s a positive thing. Wish we had been encouraged to do that when I was singing in school.


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