Tanika’s Journey – Deafinitely Theatre

Picture from Deafinitely Theatre’s Facebook page

Ever since enjoying Deafinitely Theatre’s production of Love’s Labour’s Lost involving their use of visual signed language I have been eagerly anticipating this performance and was hoping for more of the same, I was not disappointed. Before attending a show I prefer to remain uninfluenced and have avoided reading reviews and the comments rapidly spreading on the social networks. Considering the buzz around Tanika’s Journey, it has not been easy!

It was my first time attending Southwark Playhouse so I had the glorious advantage of enjoying this unique space as a blank canvas, not imposing any previous ‘ghosts’, memories or feelings ‘The Vault’ may contain. My journey from the cosy bar to the performance space mimicked that of stepping through the wardrobe to Narnia. I was immediately immersed into a world, somewhere far away, I carefully trod through snow, pushing bare tree branches aside in a quest to find my seat. Whilst convention often dictates I should passively sit and fulfill my role as a ‘good’ audience member, a feeling in my belly told me otherwise, I cast my eyes across at the rows of audience sat opposite. Some were chatting in hushed tones, some were signing and some were just sat, but I sensed we were each pieces in a snow globe waiting to be shaken up at any second.

The performance began and I was plunged in to the harsh weather conditions of a Ukrainian forest. Southwark Playhouse was warm but I found myself tugging at my sleeves of my jumper and popping my coat across my knees. As the story unfolded I laughed, cried a little and smiled a soft, heartfelt smile. Now, I could dissect why this performance had this emotional impact on me. For one, the acting was excellent, the set, sound and lighting remarkably clever. Ultimately what made this performance great was simply beautiful storytelling.

How key storytelling is to great theatre and Deafinitely Theatre certainly did a fantastic job of it!
Now off to finally read those reviews.

Tanika’s Journey is on at Southwark Playhouse until the 20th October 2012. For more info visit Deafinitely Theatre’s website here.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like an incredible engaging production! Love that photo.


  2. FYI: “Martin McLean (Deafinitely Theatre’s Project Manager): Attracting an audience to Deaf theatre”


    Via limping chicken


  3. Check out Tanika’s Journey mentioned on See Hear via BBC iPlayer (for a limited time)



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