I am truly gutted to be missing the Devoted and Disgruntled: Let’s Talk About Access open space event. However,the joys of twitter have enabled me to follow the goings on.

With such a vast topic and the multitude of questions posed, the 140 characters of tweets have left me wanting more. Luckily the fabulous people at Devoted and Disgruntled have posted reports of the discussions (here).

A thought that occurred to me during another open space event “The Question is OUT!” back in November was regarding agencies and representation for disabled artists. Looking at the reports from Devoted and Disgruntled casting has proved to be much debated.

I am aware that there are some agencies who only represent people with disabilities and whilst I can understand the advantage of an agency with a good understanding of disability awareness I can’t help but feel it heightens the segregation.

However, does being represented by a non-specific disability agent/agency risk access needs not being met whilst handing over the power of decision regarding appropriate roles/jobs for disabled artists? There are probably many, many missed opportunities that have never surfaced.

I thought this link, although dated, was quite interesting….

So, how should disabled artists be best represented to get out there and infiltrate? I pose the question in the hope of response and lively discussion. Please feel free to comment on the blog or tweet using #DandDAccess

How exciting that open space discussion extends to our homes and through our mobile devices when we are out and about!

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