The Threepenny Opera

This is something I urge you to see! Unfortunately it is not coming to London but what a good reason to get out of the smog and hustle and bustle.

Having seen the preview in Nottingham before the show officially opened yesterday at the Nottingham Playhouse, I feel it would be unfair to ‘review’ at this point, plus it would appear I haven’t posted a blog for many moons so I guess I’m a bit rusty… Time to clear the dust off my blogging contraption though methinks!

So, to impart a few of my thoughts on you if I may.

One thing I have discovered about my personal enjoyment as an audience member over the past year is I love theatre that challenges me and possibly poses me with something controversial, however, I despise being told how I should be feeling about it and forcing me on a pre-planned journey with compulsory stops and only one choice of destination. Instead let me form my own response, taking a scenic detour if I wish and please respect that as valid.

Approximately 5 minutes before entering the auditorium I started to consider what I had touched upon in my theatre training regarding Brecht and quickly realised it was even dustier than my steam powered blogging contraption… Something about audience alienation?… Was I expected to be well versed on academic theories? Some time ago I saw a Becket play, honestly I didn’t love it but in the bar afterwards I felt an immense pressure that if I could not quote a paper on the style and intentions on the playwright I should leave immediately so as not to embarrass myself. Whilst theatre studies has it’s place in the world I believe the only thing audience members should bring to the theatre is their life experience (plus a bit of cash for a programme and an ice cream).

I am pleased to report that although this play is only a newborn I felt the story and performers pull and push me away, supplying me with a banquet of ideas but giving me space and freedom to feast as I wished; as an individual. I may be wrong but I think this was Brecht’s aim, but I didn’t need to know this. I didn’t need to be a ‘Brechtian’ I could just be me.

There were two aspects to this production which I simply adored; the timelessness feel, for me the story was set in the past, the present and the future all at the same time and bouncing around time periods very cleverly displayed history repeating itself. Secondly, as with every Graeae production the inclusion of BSL provides a vital and dynamic layer to the performance, the translation of the songs was engrossingly adventurous.

I’m not going to give any more of the game away, you’ll just have to go and experience it for yourselves. If you want to know more here are a couple of useful links:

Press night is tonight so keep your eyes out on your social media platform of choice for official reviews soon.

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