As You Like It: Day 26

What a great audience we had this afternoon!

100 year 6 pupils (or thereabouts) from Cyfarthfa Park Junior School made up most of our audience for the matinee, so far team AYLI have mostly performed to adults and families. A mass of enthusiastic kids to keep us on our toes was a great example of how Shakespeare can be accessible, engaging and relevant to young people. The performance felt like it changed completely but it was fab to see so many faces contributing, laughing and even a few hands joining in with the signing by the end.

A slightly smaller but still fun audience attended this evening and to everyone’s surprise the “Ardenites” were fed bananas by Jaques rather than their staple of bread. Yummy!

It sounds pretty obvious but audiences certainly make what we are doing worthwhile and the play now has a life of it’s own.

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