As You Like It (Day off in Stackpole)

Originally I wasn’t going to blog on days off but today has been so glorious I just had to tell you all about the wonderful land of Stackpole.

We are blessed with great weather and the surroundings are beautifully idyllic. A lovely trip to the beach and a swim in the sea, stopping off for a cheeky ice cream along the way.

Then a group trip to The Stackpole Inn, a slight detour and confirmation that I am utterly lost without phone signal and GPS! Thanks to the kind lady who let us take a shortcut through her garden when we found ourselves lost in a cow field. Finally we made it and were welcome with open arms, thanks Gary for the round and to the chef for staying late and risking trouble from the missus to make sure we were fed.

Great times, great company, a good day to be alive.

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