As You Like It: Day 36

How lucky we have been so far with the weather! Unfortunately our luck ran out and we performed 2 shows in the pouring rain!

A huge thank you for our audiences for sticking it out, it’s a true compliment to be able to engage a wide audience – from toddlers to teenagers to adults despite the cold and wet.

A personal highlight of the afternoon show which many may have missed was poor Touchstone (aka Samuel Bees) ladened with the princess’ luggage being chased on to the scene by a dog out for a walk. I agree, the beardy Touchstone might look suspect but Samuel Bees is a great guy and an animal lover as I’m sure the chickens in his bath will testament.

My wonderful university friends Caty and Abi came along to the evening show.

Caty had her fortune told and the baby was correctly guessed to be a boy!

Abi was our “stand-in Silvius”.

It was great to see them both and although it was a brief reunion it was a joyful one!

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