As You Like It: Things I’ve learnt on tour

I read this blog post by Helen Jackson-Lyall (nee Bryer) a fair few times before I went on tour. There are some very wise words and I’m inspired to do a similar post, here goes:

1. If your phone tells you it has signal it could be lying.

2. I use and rely on the internet A LOT.

3. Eye contact is really important, I had always been taught this but valued it so much during this production. (Thank you Alison!)

4. Translations can be free and creative as long as they are justifiable.

5. Meditation is awesome – so is hanging upside down.

6. Sam hog is quite scary.

7. Access is a shared responsibility (a reminder).

8. My phobias are probably a bit more serious than I am willing to admit to.

9. Being away from loved ones is hard but absence does make the heart grow fonder.

10. Eating a few bananas a day is a good thing. Potassium poisoning is only a concern for about 20+.

11. A play is to be enjoyed, one group of humans communicating to another. Take it for what it is, it is not a matter of life and death but it is important.

12. We all have our quirks and idiosyncrasies.

13. Silliness and laughter is good.

14. Wales is beautiful and has a lot of lovely Welsh produce.

15. It’s ok to put your trust in others. Even in a sat nav called Babs.

16. To ask for my chips well done/crispy.

17. Rissoles are tasty.

18. Lizzie Herbert will surprise you with her rapping skills.

19. Teamwork requires a group of people with different skills contributing equally. I need to acknowledge my contribution as well as the awe of other’s skills.

20. The right song will do wonders for morale.

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