As You Like It: Day 44

A new venue today, Tretower Court is such an exciting place to perform! A courtyard, flower garden, mini orchard, castle ruins, fake bird and mistletoe.






As You Like It: Day 43

A special day as it is our leading lady’s birthday. Happy birthday Alison/Rosalind!

We managed to catch a spot of wrestling. I’m sure our Charles the Wrestler (aka Will) picked up a few tips along the way… “Though he be but little he is fierce.”

20140714-215516-78916683.jpg Then to Loggerheads Country Park for a performance before some well deserved time off.

As You Like It: Day 42

Bye bye Denbigh Castle, thanks for having us. The weather threatened to dampen our final performance but luckily it held off for us and our lovely audience.

For our final night together in Prestatyn, a birthday celebration at a scrumptious Indian restaurant.


As You Like It: Day 41

A 2 show day in the glorious but sweltering sun at Denbigh Castle.

A hearty lunch at The Plough fuelled us well and a fab audience who performed their own dosey doe dance for us during the finale provided a fun end to a long day!

As You Like It: Day 40

Day 40 of work turned out to be a very special day.

We “busked” around the town of Denbigh, singing to the locals on a sunny afternoon.

Our lovely Chloe aka Le Beau/Jaques/Phoebe met her first and secret love. Cause to celebrate! Happy days!


20140710-232816-84496728.jpg Oh, and of course we did a show too.

As You Like It: Day 39

Hello to Denbigh Castle, our new venue for the week! Some beautiful piccies taken but unfortunately not enough signal to upload them. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

As You Like It: Day 38

It’s our last day in Stackpole! I’ve really enjoyed our time here, the surroundings are truly beautiful. I’ll miss these views…


Mum and grandparents came for a weekend away and to catch the show, it’s great to see loved ones after being away from familiarity for so long. I’m also grateful for the positive and constructive feedback from a lovely Deaf audience member, I’m thrilled to see you enjoyed it.

Bye bye Stackpole, a cheeky day off then off to North Wales we go!

As You Like It: Day 37

Another 2 show day, tiredness is creeping in and pre-show warm ups are more important than ever. Thankfully the glorious sunshine returned and being blessed with great audiences lifted my spirits…. And so did some solidarity…

We support the campaign to save the ILF. Spread the word and get on board.


As You Like It: Day 36

How lucky we have been so far with the weather! Unfortunately our luck ran out and we performed 2 shows in the pouring rain!

A huge thank you for our audiences for sticking it out, it’s a true compliment to be able to engage a wide audience – from toddlers to teenagers to adults despite the cold and wet.

A personal highlight of the afternoon show which many may have missed was poor Touchstone (aka Samuel Bees) ladened with the princess’ luggage being chased on to the scene by a dog out for a walk. I agree, the beardy Touchstone might look suspect but Samuel Bees is a great guy and an animal lover as I’m sure the chickens in his bath will testament.

My wonderful university friends Caty and Abi came along to the evening show.

Caty had her fortune told and the baby was correctly guessed to be a boy!

Abi was our “stand-in Silvius”.

It was great to see them both and although it was a brief reunion it was a joyful one!

As You Like It: Day 35

Today we had a lovely team lunch and the very accommodating Stackpole Inn then a quick trip to civilisation before the show to grab essentials (food, beer and guitar strings).

The National Trust staff at the Stackpole Estate seem to be really enjoying the show as they sneak in to watch our Shakespeare troupe around their woodlands.