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As You Like It (Day off in Stackpole)

Originally I wasn’t going to blog on days off but today has been so glorious I just had to tell you all about the wonderful land of Stackpole.

We are blessed with great weather and the surroundings are beautifully idyllic. A lovely trip to the beach and a swim in the sea, stopping off for a cheeky ice cream along the way.

Then a group trip to The Stackpole Inn, a slight detour and confirmation that I am utterly lost without phone signal and GPS! Thanks to the kind lady who let us take a shortcut through her garden when we found ourselves lost in a cow field. Finally we made it and were welcome with open arms, thanks Gary for the round and to the chef for staying late and risking trouble from the missus to make sure we were fed.

Great times, great company, a good day to be alive.

As You Like It: Day 32

20140629-124833-46113936.jpg Bye bye “Big Brother house” and so long Coed Y Brenin, the audiences here have been excellent. If I can terp a show amongst thousands of midges, I feel I can do anything! Major environmental, low-control demand!

A late night road trip to Llanelli. Thank you drivers and thank you 24hr McDonalds.


As You Like It: Day 31

The day after a little celebration for 2 of our cast members, the lovely Josie and Will received their degree results. Big congratulations to the both of them! A ’90’s themed night… Guess who in the cast knows all the words to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”? You may be surprised!

Films and relaxation to follow (“The Help” is a film definitely worth taking the time to watch but have tissues handy, it’s a tearjerker). Then ready for the evening’s performance, a good turnout from both audience and unfortunately, the midges.

Team AYLI curry to top off the night then heads hit pillows for our last night in the “Big Brother house”.

1 more performance to catch at Coed Y Brenin before we are back on the road.

As You Like It: Day 30

A 2 show day and I’m grateful for our small audiences who travelled to Coed Y Brenin to join in our fun. If you are planning to see the show here bring bug spray, although we will do our best to keep the midges at bay with strategically placed candles.

We are being really well looked after here. Hillary is keeping us supplied with tea, coffee and cake…. Even dairy free cake! Brilliant!


As You Like It: Day 29

New venue up north, near Dolgellau.

As You Like It: Day 28

We are officially on tour!

Venue number 1 was Kidwelly Castle, although no trees for our forest setting the ruins were beautiful and great fun to play on and around. A great audience rocked up to join us on a sunny Sunday evening. Now time to kick back and relax!


A cheeky Travelodge bottle opener installed on the side of the desk will aid the consumption of a well deserved beer.


As You Like It: Day 27

Tonight was our Cyfarthfa Castle swan song. Goodbye Merthyr, thanks for having us.


As You Like It: Day 26

What a great audience we had this afternoon!

100 year 6 pupils (or thereabouts) from Cyfarthfa Park Junior School made up most of our audience for the matinee, so far team AYLI have mostly performed to adults and families. A mass of enthusiastic kids to keep us on our toes was a great example of how Shakespeare can be accessible, engaging and relevant to young people. The performance felt like it changed completely but it was fab to see so many faces contributing, laughing and even a few hands joining in with the signing by the end.

A slightly smaller but still fun audience attended this evening and to everyone’s surprise the “Ardenites” were fed bananas by Jaques rather than their staple of bread. Yummy!

It sounds pretty obvious but audiences certainly make what we are doing worthwhile and the play now has a life of it’s own.

As You Like It: Day 25

Today just summed up for me what a great team AYLI is. Not just the performing team but everyone working hard behind the scenes as well. An extremely talented and caring bunch, I can’t wait until we’re all on the road!

As You Like It: Day 24

Another sold out performance at Thompson’s Park in Cardiff, it’s a shame we can’t stay but back to Merthyr we must go. It’s not too far so if you missed out on a ticket come and see us in Merthyr.

Our evening performance followed an excellent day of talks and open space discussion. “Breaking out of the Box“. May the discussions continue to move forward.