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As You Like It: Day 32

20140629-124833-46113936.jpg Bye bye “Big Brother house” and so long Coed Y Brenin, the audiences here have been excellent. If I can terp a show amongst thousands of midges, I feel I can do anything! Major environmental, low-control demand!

A late night road trip to Llanelli. Thank you drivers and thank you 24hr McDonalds.


As You Like It: Day 31

The day after a little celebration for 2 of our cast members, the lovely Josie and Will received their degree results. Big congratulations to the both of them! A ’90’s themed night… Guess who in the cast knows all the words to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”? You may be surprised!

Films and relaxation to follow (“The Help” is a film definitely worth taking the time to watch but have tissues handy, it’s a tearjerker). Then ready for the evening’s performance, a good turnout from both audience and unfortunately, the midges.

Team AYLI curry to top off the night then heads hit pillows for our last night in the “Big Brother house”.

1 more performance to catch at Coed Y Brenin before we are back on the road.

As You Like It: Day 30

A 2 show day and I’m grateful for our small audiences who travelled to Coed Y Brenin to join in our fun. If you are planning to see the show here bring bug spray, although we will do our best to keep the midges at bay with strategically placed candles.

We are being really well looked after here. Hillary is keeping us supplied with tea, coffee and cake…. Even dairy free cake! Brilliant!


As You Like It: Day 29

New venue up north, near Dolgellau.